Forum Title: finally used my bazooka again
this was my third time using it. i had it sitting in my closet a little bit taken apart for a long while and i aslo wasn't doing much taping for a bit. don't laugh but i brought it out for 35 eight foot sheets. i definitely went home a couple hours later than i would have if i had banjoed the job. i didn't find it so hard this time even though this was the wrong job to use it on. 14 foot high vaulted ceilings and a narrow tall bathroom, narrow tall hallway and some closets. i've forgotten all the names for the parts now too. the toothed wheel was still spinning backwards a little bit and letting the plunger down before the clicker would stop it. not as bad as before because i turned the toothy wheely around cause the teeth were in better shape on that side. it seemed to start slipping when it was getting dirtier and the mud was drying( mud from my filthy hands). the tape was also startnig to jamb a bit then too. There was mud leaking through the plunger and i don't remember that happening before. not a lot of mud but i feel like there shouldn't be any. The cable spool on my bazooka is super worn down and grooved and i think i could do with getting a new clicker and and plunger also. over all it is working better than before and i hope i have a job worth using it on again. i won.t be bringing it out for tall or narrow work again. the only time it felt worth using was on a couple of the longer joints. also a hose on site and a place to spray it out would be nice instead of bagging it.
Category: Drywall Post By: LAURA LEE (Arlington Heights, IL), 02/16/2018

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